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Next Meeting:

The next meeting will take place on 02.04.2014 and start from 7.00 pm onwards,

Claudio Huyskens will talk about:

At, we built graph technology that autonomously collects data from several sources via API, interprets the data based on an ontology, merges the interpreted data and builds a graph from it. Our technology provides user access to that graph through a visual explorer that allows search, iterative traversing, class-based filtering and graph analytics. We currently run a prototype of that technology that covers the global startup ecosystem in a 10M+ document graph.

I will lay out all the development challenges, we went through during year 1 of This overview will start with a rough technology sketch in early 2013 and will chronologically discuss the major decision points considering technology setup and implementation. My talk will conclude with a presentation of the working prototype and its features.

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