42nd Meeting (September) Scaling ArangoDB on Mesosphere DCOS

On 2nd September 2015 from 19:00 onwards, NoSQL User Group Cologne will welcome you with free beer, soft drinks and snacks. The entrance is also for free.

This time Max Neunhöffer will tell us about “Scaling ArangoDB on Mesosphere DCOS”.

Recently, ArangoDB integrated its cluster management with Apache Mesos.
This makes it now possible to launch an ArangoDB cluster on a Mesos cluster with a single, albeit complex shell command. In a DCOS-enabled Mesosphere cluster this is even easier, because one can use the dcos subcommand for ArangoDB, which essentially turns a Mesosphere cluster into a single, large computer.

In this talk I explain the whole setup and show (live on stage) how to deploy ArangoDB clusters on Google Compute Engine, and how we used this to scale ArangoDB up until it could sustain 1000000 document writes per second.

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